Lunatic 1 Lunatic 2 Anymore???

Ok, so I am surrounded by lunatics. Two girlfriends came out to take me to lunch yesterday. Over Wings and Things they gently carried me over into the world of the crazies and the word was….. That room mate of yours and his girlfriend are LUNATICS and we are worried for you.
 Ahhhh I already knew that because by the time of my last post I was to the point of not wanting to even go home.
 So here comes the hard part for me, being the softie that I am I have to send this guy packing. I am even willing to be out the added expense that he has added to me just in order to get him gone.
 The very sad truth is that I cannot help anyone that does not want to help themselves and being kind and nice and helpful only gets me taken advantage of.
 I resorted to “Dude you stink” after 4 days of not bathing and changing clothes after my nice suggestions went over his head. And Girlfriend, Lunatic 2 is just as bad, but she has not spent the night since the first night because I was not about to go thru that again. UGH!
 I am sick. Flue bug has hit me hard. Headache, body chills and sore throat. Gonna do what I have to do online and go home and crawl in my bed and stay there. I hope.

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