Ramblings of frustration

A lot of people worry about getting older and even tho I do wonder where time has passed, I do not miss my youth. I have enjoyed the phases of being a woman in my life. I have enjoyed being young, I enjoyed mother hood, I enjoy my divorced status and do not miss being married or having someone that I have to answer to, or change my life for. I have enjoyed being my own person and I love being a grand mother to my grand children.

 While others that I know worry about wrinkles and gray hair, it is not that bothersome for me. I keep my body hydrated with fluids and lotions, I watch the sun, I try and get in a little exercise every day and if I look older than 50, so be it. If I have somehow look younger, then that is a bonus.

I am not a vain person. I have never been, but it terrifies me to think that I will be toothless and that it is coming and I am going to have to suck it up.

 One of my teeth, an eye tooth has broken. It is barely hanging in. It has to come out and I am upset that I do not have the money for a fake one, or what ever it is that they do to fix it.

 My teeth are bad and I need to have them all removed and get a set of dentures, but at least I did have my own teeth. I can’t blame my parents for my teeth or at least all of the blame. My parents did not believe in dentists and prevention of gum disease or fillings or any of that. Dentists were for those that were in severe pain and it was with great distress that a dentist office was visited.

 Then when I was pregnant with Matt my body was depleted of calcium and my teeth just started breaking easily and from then I have had a series of problems, seen lots of dentists and now I am going to be walking around with an eye tooth missing until I can get it replaced, and hope that it will be soon because I am totally self conscious. 

Ok enough about me soon to be snaggle tooth, I also have a room mate. Is that a good thing????? I am still debating that and hoping that I am not going to regret it, but think that I am.

 So here is the deal. Toilets are made to be flushed every day and people are supposed to take a shower or bath, I don’t care which, every day. When people eat, I don’t expect them to wash their dishes, but I do expect that the dish be scraped off of excess food and rinsed off and placed in the sink.

 I don’t want said person sitting around drinking all day and watching my tv and when I get ready to watch a tv program I expect to be able to watch it. All of it. I do not like having to get up to get this or that for my room mate. A room mate is a room mate not my invited guest. A room mate has his or her own space and my space should not be shared unless I specifically invite someone in to my space.

 I have a problem with loud noise. Normal loud is fine, but not booming music, talking so loud that the person is practically shouting and laughing so loudly that I jump out of my skin.

 Oh and  I think that a roomate, should be respectful of our water. It is not necessary to spend an hour in the shower standing under the hot water. I see it as wasteful considering the fact that you are trying to save water by NOT flushing the toilet which uses cold water!

 I do not mind you eating my food. I am trying to help you get on your feet, so I do not expect you to be hungry. My fridge and contents are at your disposal. You did notice that I said Your Disposal. That means you and NOT your girlfriend. I know that you know this woman, but I do not know this woman. I have to tell you that even tho you are my room mate, the deal to you being my room mate is to help me with things that I cannot do in exchange for room and board. I don’t care that you come in late hours, I don’t care that you choose to watch tv late and I don’t mind you haveing a few drinks to unwind. I mind when the beer or wine or gin flows allll day, when people are at my house sitting on my furniture and eating my food that I do not know and that the work that you are suppose to help me do is being forgotten.

 Ok I am done ranting for today. I am sure that I will be mentally ranting for the next few weeks until room mate gets on his feet and moves or I can take no more and say OUT.

 I really don’t want it to come to all of that. This guy is a nice guy, he was hurt in the Gulf War and he needs help. I need help. We can help each other.  But I am not use to sharing my space and I have to learn to be more tolerant as well.

 At the end of the day, all I really want to do is sit down on my couch and watch tv and relax. Not fix things. I make dinner and if room mate is not hungry, too bad, but I don’t want to get up and heat everything up again at 10:00 pm or later…..

OK so I am going to work on MY tolerance level because I do need a room mate to help me out. But I also have to make one last rant.

 I have had my dog for 6 years. He is my baby. He has been there for me thru thick and thin. I am sorry your girl friend is afraid of my dog, but he is never ever ever to be mistreated in any way ever. Our house is his house. Do not put my dog outside or shut up just so your girlfriend can come over. Sorry, but my dog comes first, just like my kids. End of Rant.



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