Wal-Mart Small-Mart

Most of my friends know that I hate Wal-Mart and I try not to go there unless I just have too. Now I have to give credit where credit is due, and other than being a business that I think is one where I personally don’t care to shop, I have heard good and bad things about the place.

But dang, all of the negative things I hear just make me want to close my eyes every time I see a Wal-mart sign. Still they are providing a lot of people with a lot of services so I cannot bitch about the ones that love the place, but I hope that they find out who made that horrible racial comment. If it was an employee who did that, then I think that he or she should have to make ammends. I don’t know how, that is not up to me, but something that states that this type of small mindedness will not be tolerated.

 Why can’t people just live as people with out skin color being a major issue. I have lots of black friends and I tell you, we all bleed the same color, we all have to eat, and live, and work and sweat, laugh and cry. This is life. People who cannot understand that it is what is in the heart that matters, not the color of our skin……



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