A new project

I am researching bat houses because they are good for nature, they eat up to a thousand bugs a night on average. Just one little bat helps keep the bad insects at bay and the little critters will leave me alone if I leave them alone. I love watching them fly in early in the mornings. I never see them fly out, but I have seen them returning. So I am going to build at least 10 bat houses so that they will have a place to roost.

I feel like yuck today. I don’t know what is wrong with me, but I feel really bad. I want to lay down and just can’t seem to get comfortable.

 I have been thinking about my friend Kathy today. It has been six weeks since her surgery and she is doing great. I know that she has been thru hell and back, but she hasn’t given up. I know that she does not believe in prayer, so I honor her wishes and not pray for her, but I do stop what I am doing and think of her and wish her well.

 I received my spring catalog and I have picked out my flowers that I am ordering next week. I am really excited about getting my gardens going. I am not doing the usual that I have done for years now, I am going with something totally different, especially the Magic Roses. I fell in love with them and they will be beautiful spilling out of my brick wall that I am going to have built in front of  the house. I will incorporate a few of my favorite flowers but for the most part I am going for a new look.

 So I am having problems with my colors. They are as off today as I am. I gotta lay down and see if that headache that seems to have hung with me all day will go and bug somebody else and leave me alone……….


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