Dr. Update

I got a pretty good progress report from my dr. I do have a bladder infection and my blood pressure was elevated, but the good news is that I lost a pound. I don’t know how that happened since I have been eating like a pig, but a pound is a pound right?

 I was totally exhausted when I got home last night and it didn’t take long to eat dinner, take a bath and call it a night. I am not touching my to do list today except some laundry and scrubbing down the bath room. That is it for me.

 Today is Tuesday and that means it is my night for the tv. Isn’t it sad that my days revolve around what is going to be on the boob tube? Still it is relaxing for me. That and a nice glass of wine and I should be happy as a little pea in a pod.

 So this is it for me. Not much going on. A friend of mine informed me last night that the wedding is off and she is going back to Chicago. I am so sad that this isn’t working out, but people have to do what is right for them.

 Gotta run. Be back later. Maybe tomorrow if I get a chance to use the internet again.


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