Well that figures

Well there I sat in the lobby with the annoying piano until I couldn’t take it anymore. I left, went to the great out doors, it is a beautiful day, hi 60’s partly cloudy and it felt great to just sit in the sun and relax for a while. But then I realized that I was letting my internet time dwindle away so I decided to go back to the lobby so that I could enjoy just a little more time before I head home to no internet.

 Well I sat there for a while and I just could not relax. To much noise, people being paged, elevators dinging, people talking and that damn piano was just too much. I hate coming to the dr. anyway, because I always seem to get jittery. I love my doc tho. He is the greatest!  Anyway I decided to come in a little early, so I walked the 2 miles down the corridor to the elevator, and guess what I saw?

A family and patient resource lounge. A place that you can kick back in the quiet, relax and log on if you want to, sleep if you want to, watch a movie with head phones if you want to. Drink coffee if you want to, what ever, but it is nice and quiet and I am thinking to my self of the many times I have walked right by it and never noticed it. How could I have missed it? Good thing my eye exam is coming up soon I think I need glasses cuz these readers just are not cutting it for me.

I have 64 minutes before I check in and they send me to the Vampire to take my blood and then I will get to see my dr. whom I shall ask aloat of annoying questions, request that he give me some feel good pills because I have been down in the dumps for way toooo long. I want to be happy again.

 I am not saying that I am not happy, I am, but I am not. I know that makes no sense at all. I am happy with my life. Yes I can say that. I am happy with my projects and designs and all that stuff. It is just that I don’t want to go anywhere. I want to rest. My body says sleep, watch tv, take a long bath, drink a pot of tea and enjoy. So I try to do those things and I can’t. I have to constantly be doing other stuff and I feel dumpy about it. It just seems like my to do list just gets longer every day. This is just a sample of tomorrow’s to do list:

 Take the dog to the vet

Call the Utility Company because they screwed up on my bill.

Take the rest of the donations down to the donation center.

Grocery shop.

Put groceries away.

 Go to work.

 Come home and feed dog.

 Cook dinner.

 Do a load of laundry.

Go back to work.

Come home, let dog out, fold laundry, take bath, take meds, bring dog in, play with dog, do dishes, fold laundry, …

And this is not with the other million things that seem to grow on my list, like post office, materials for the house, materials for other peoples houses, helping my girlfriend with her wedding and dealing with the kids.

 I know this is just life, but I feel so tired all of the time lately, I feel like if I could just sleep for  about three days when I want to, I could regain my energy level. Oh and did I mention that I have some kind of allergies going on. I go outside, I sneeze. I go inside I sneeze. My eyes are runny and burning, my sinus’s are running and I have never had these kind of allergies before. So I need to add  that to my list  of things to tell my doc.

 Gonna go for now and check Farmville and by that time, I should be called for my blood work.



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