The Piano and Me

I am sitting in the hospital lobby because it is the only place that I can hook my computer into and right across from me is this beautiful baby grand piano that is wired to play automatically. At first it was really cool and I enjoyed it, but enough already.

I only havc a couple more hours to wait to see the dr. and I will be glad to get home. I am yawning, really wanting another nap, but that is not to be. Sleeping in hospital lobbies isn’t allowed. I know, I have tried it on occassion and every one that passed by had to stop and ask, “Are you all right?” To which I would crack open an eye lid and nod that I was still alive.  At least that is the polite way. The last time that I tried to sleep at the hospital was when Alex was born and the nurses kicked us out so they could do the epidural and I drifted off to sleep and this man came thru and said, “Hey lady, you need to wake up now this ain’t no hotel.”

 Not that I thought that it was, but I wasn’tbothering anyone. I had my own little corner but I do have a problem of talking in my sleep and I have these vivid dreams and I do occassionally yell, cuss and crawl around the room looking for my purple snake. Oh and let’s not forget that I snore big time when I am really tired.

 Speaking of which, that damn piano is putting me to sleep. I gotta go, try to take a walk and wake up. And I need a Coke, or a Dr.Pepper or a nice cup of hot coffee.Be back later I am sure….


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