Sheetrock, nails and paint (Oh My)

My dry wall arrived today and I was so happy, along with all the other goodies that will begin to make my house a real house and not just a shell. I am so excited because I do not have a lot of patience and I get all excited when I think about Home Depot!

 I have decided on black and white for my guest bath. I am going to paint the walls black, and the vanity will be white with a black sink, the toilet and the tub will be white because I can’t see paying a couple of hundred extra dollars for them to be black. I am going to tile the shower walls and floor in a white and then I can accessorise everywhere else.

 I use to clean for the Chippendales a few years ago and their small guest bath (a closet really) was done in a hot pink and black. They had gold mirrors and fixtures and it was actually gorgeous. The only problem with it was that it was so small that when I opened the door to go in I had eye shock. The colors all wanted to scream at me at the same time. I think that it would have been even more gorgeous if the room was just a little bigger. I enjoyed working for those boys. Sadly I had to quit because I broke my foot and it was impossible to clean the house right because it was so huge and had stairs and such. I got a great recommendation from them tho!

 Today is going to be a slug day for me. I am so tired because I had no sleep last night. I watched the Ghost Whisperer last night and it spooooked me, lol. I cannot believe that I let that show get to me. I was dissappointed with Medium tho. Maybe it wasn’t the show, it might of been just me because I had about 20 interuptions while I was trying to watch it. I did enjoy numbers tho.

 I can smell spring in the air. I am so ready. I love the smell and feel of the earth between my fingers, I love planting flowers and planning my gardens. Well I say plan but I don’t really plan. I like the look of things growing wild and natural.  This is my back yard and I am so totally in love with the nature that is there. A pond, deer, a wild turkey, all kinds of critters. I have the most beautiful birds, from cardinals, to robins, and even a few blue jays that are as mean as heck, but you know, those little red cardinals are bullies too. lol. I am happy here and I know that it is going to be beautiful this spring and summer. I just worry about the misquitoes because I hear that they are monstrous beasts!

Bandit loves it because I can let him out and he can run all that he wants too. I am worried that come summer I will never see him because every time he goes out now, it is longer and longer before he comes home. Thank goodness he is up to par on all of his shots because he needs them while he is running out here.

 Guess I will go and check Farmville and see if I can get that nap in….. and if I am lucky, maybe a movie too.



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