Cha Cha Cha My Wall Texture

Look I am using PINK today. I think that it has something to do with me buying everything that I see or can do for the Breast Cancer Society.  Kathy has breast cancer and I am trying to support her in this for her. I cannot do much to help, but I can spend what money I have donating and trying to help where I am.

 I finally got some good sleep last night. I was happy about that, let me tell you. I was exhausted mentally and physically. I watched my shows on tv and listend half heartedly to the news and found myself yawning and I thought, Hey my body is telling me that it is ready to sleep and I barely remember snuggleing under the covers and I was out like a light. It worked for me.

 Today was productive. I did some things that really needed to be done and I donated three huge bags of clothing to charity and I still have more to go. I threw away tons and tons of shoes and now I wish that I had tossed them into the donation bag as well, but I hate giving away used shoes because to me it is like wearing some body elses panties and bras you know. 😦

Laurie called me and said that Adrian had an asthma attack and they took him to urgent care. I am sort of worried about him, but I know that he is in good hands. Still it is scary when your child cannot breath. Nathan had asthma really bad and we were at the hospital every week when he was little. Las Vegas climate I think is what helped him the most.

 I have to hook up my scanner because I have tons of things I need to scan, especially some pictures of the kids and I need to get things together for the scrap books. I have Karyn’s almost finished. I just need to add a few more pages and bind it and then I am done.

I am re-thinking my bedroom. This is what happens when a project stalls lack of money! If I am doing it, I am in the moment and it all comes together. But just let me have to wait and then I see something else that I like and I am off in another direction. Basically my bedroom is going to be done in a blue denim texture. Just two walls and a partial wall. It is a wonderful texture and it is not fussy. It is very basic yet it will allow me to add my own personal touches to it. I am trying to find the solid white curtains that I want and I will put up the valance in denim to maintain the wall and so if I decide I want to go with florals it will go well or should I decide on a print such as a plaid or stripes, I wont have to fight with a curtain design or a wall design.

  I am going to try and insert a couple of pics and see if they turn out. Here goes….. and I am going to try and add a pic of the curtains that I am looking for… So there you have it. Texture and curtains, but of course I will have to put my own design in there as well.

 A friend of mine said that since I was doing the denim texture, I should go with a cowgirl theme. I am not that fond of that idea, but I could toss in a few western things here and there I suppose. Maybe, not sure yet. I will know when I see it.

 I went out to eat last night and the food was passable, the service terrible and totally over priced. I got the chicken fried steak that was nothing more than a frozen breaded patty and instant mashed potatoes with packaged white gravy, and the waitress forgot my salad until I had to remind another waitress to bring it to me along with the coffee that I ordered. The only time I seen my waitress again was when she came over to borrow my ketchup bottle for another table. She didn’t even bring me the check. So much for that place. I didn’t need to eat anyway, lol.

 I go to the dr. on Monday and hopefully he will lower my blood pressure meds since I am doing better or maybe cut me down to one a day instead of twice a day.

 Well this is it for me. I gotta get busy. Be back when I can.


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