So much for sleep…

Thunder storms are one of my favorite things, as long as they are not the dangerous tornado wind damaging, life threatening kind. That is not what we had last night. Nope it was one of the scareiset thunderstorms that I have incountered in a long time and frankly I was not impressed by my house shaking and my 70 pound dog trying to get under the covers with me, his body shaking and his little being whimpering with fright.

 Mom was whimpering with fright too. But unlike the shivering dog, I was frozen to the bed and could hardly move. I was so scared that I didn’t sleep well the rest of the night after the thunderstorm had moved on and died out, I found matches and candles, grabbed my shoes, purse and medicine and my computer and placed it all where I could grab and run if I had too,

 I think that I jinxed myself by watching Twister the other day!!!!

 Now onto other news. Guess what??? There is nothing new or interesting to tell. I could tell you about my grandkids and how much I miss them. I could tell you that I am getting ready to plant my garden but that sounds boring.

 I have not been to see a movie since Mama Mia and I haven’t had a chance to go out dancing or drinking,  and I am trying to stick to my diet so I am not even eating out. I am trying to get things ready for Easter. I missed Christmas this year, and New Years, and Valentines Day so I am hopeful that I will be able to do something for Easter.

 Maybe if I wasn’t so tired I could think of a fun topic, but the truth is I am craving sleep and my brain is mush!!!!

 I tried to download a picture. For some reason my computer never puts it in the same way twice or it could be that I don’t play with it enough to remember what I did when I did it… Oh Hell at least I know what I am trying to say. Lol. So I am going to have a nap and hopefully I can remember everything that I have been wanting to say and haveing to wait for internet access to say it,….


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