Checking in….

So I am doing nothing on this Saturday, but I would like to sleep for about ten hours more. I am so tired. It happens when I have a big day, because the next day I crash. I think that I would like to crawl up in bed and watch a movie, but that never happens. By the time that I get to that point in my day, I have other things that I have to accomplish. Most recent is that I need to clean out my fridge and scrub down the bath room.

 I used to be a messie, but when I moved to Vegas  I swore that I would never let my house get into a mess that it used to be and I have kept my promise. I make my bed before I leave the house, my dishes are done before I go to bed, the floors are swept, counters wiped down and trash taken out.

I also wipe down the bathroom every day. Just a quick swipe and on Mondays and Fridays I use my cleaners and do an actual cleaning. I do a room every day of the week and if  for some reason that I can’t then I try my best to do it all first thing the next day.

 I was gone all day yesterday and got back late last night. I had to leave early this morning, but now I am headed home and I will finish my list. Then maybe, just maybe I can get to crawl into bed and watch that movie. Now a big decision to make…. What movie shall I watch??????


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