Im Back but still no news…

So here I am back again. I went to Bendi’s  for lunch and it was good. I had a pimento cheese sandwich with lettuce and tomato on wheat. I ate it and feel a lot better since I was beginning to feel a bit dingy. My sugar was dipping, but I am all better now.

 I heard from Kathy today and I am so glad to have heard from her. I am so sorry that she is having to go thru all of this and I kicking my butt for putting off my mammogram. I have been trying to get into the womens clinic for the last 6 months. Finally got an appointment and then wham, I had to cancel it because my car broke down. Now sitting there in my son and daughters living room I had to make a choice. Do I spend the money and keep my womens appointment, or do I spend the money to get my car fixed so I can finish moving and leave my childrens home? I chose to get my car fixed and now I have to wait another six months for my womens clinic appt. I don’t understand this either. A person could die for waiting for appointments. Of course if I had insurance I wouldn’t have to wait. I could be seen like a real person and not a number the low income side of things. Oh I am not ranting, I am so thankful that I can see a dr. and I am so grateful that my friend could get in and see a dr.

 I have an ulcer. It hurts like hell too. I am eating stuff that is bland and non spicy and I am looking for, of all things, Goats milk. YUK!! But I hear that it is the best for an ulcer. I sure hope that they are right. But GOATS MILK? Bleeekkk.

 So I sent Deanna and Alex off on a plane to go and see her family for 3 weeks. I was glad that they got to go. Family or some families think that family is important enough to go visiting. She was one of those that wanted to go visit, so I sent them off with my blessings…. Go my child and have fun…. and what did she do? Now she and my grandson is staying and my son is catching a train monday morning. Alex like Adrian and Cathy will grow up with me 1500 miles away. I am glad that they are starting out with the opportunity to get on there feet. They have really been procrastinating in the money/work center of life.

 Never did find Skipper. I know that he must have died. It really tore me apart and I think that if that happend to Bandit, I would go nuts but then I remember I am already nuts, teehee, so I know that I would be devastated. Gave Bandit a nice long bath yesterday and even used Pantene on his coat to help condition it. I found his beef flavored toothpaste and he ran when he saw it. He hates that stuff but real toothpaste is not good for him, but I gave in and brushed his teeth with crest mint fresh and he laid there and let me brush his whole mouth and only once tried to eat the toothbrush!

 So I may get the internet sooner than I thought. I won’t say much right now because I might jinx it. But I will be so glad. I mean this is crazy. I cannot believe that people in this century still lives without cable and internet and only certain places are capable of cell phone service. I am really torn in this place. Part of me really likes the quiet peaceful solitude, but after the first few days I really need the MODERN world to hang my hat and sanity on.

 Guess that I had better get off here and go do something at home. I got to play today and I will have to make it last at least another week because it is going to snow again and when it snows, EVERYBODY shuts down like it is the storm of the century, even tho it is less than 4 inches…. But I am not kidding. It is crazy down here. I totally wonder what is going on with me thinking that I can be a country girl…. Don’t think that it is gonna happen. I am fond of Starbucks, I like going to the casino’s and spending my mad money playing keno or even buying those great big hot twisted pretzles and I like the malls. The nearest mall is a thousand miles away….. I swear! Well ok I exaggeraterd just  little. Actually it is 1,999 miles away. Ha!

 Looking forward to the time that I can post regularly. Til next time…….


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