Singy… Up In Smoke

As Usual I only have a few minutes, and I am offfff and running again. I just wanted to pop in and see if I had heard from my friend Kathy which I have not and some how I think that she doesn’t like me anymore and then I think, oh she just has her hands and head full right now and she doesn’t have time to give me a thought, so that is ok, I just worry about her and hope that she is ok.

 So the power went out during this major ice storm that we had and I had this chicken that had to be cooked and so in the dark I am rattleing around looking for a skillet under the cabinet, but it was so dark that I was not going to get anywhere there, so I reached up for the candle and caught my HAIR on fire.

 It was a scary moment. I still have my hair, I was going to have it cut in layers and then I changed my mind, now my left side is layered and the other side all one length, so now I have to go and get it cut in layers. It is all good tho. I could have gotten hurt really bad, so I am just thankful that I didn’t get burned and still have some hair left to brush.

 Skipper got ran over last night and we couldn’t find him. I guess he ran out into the woods and died and my heart aches. He was such a good dog, but he wouldn’t stop chasing cars. I worry about Bandit getting hit by a car. I am a sucker when it comes to animals.

 Well gotta run. I gotta get home and get some stuff done then I am thinking of taking a nice long nap….


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