Stopping by to say HI!


 Well I am back as I promised, but I am so tired that I haven’t got a foggy clue to what I can talk about. It has been a busy busy month. I moved and I am doing a complete renovation of  the house. It was a four bedroom but I knocked out a wall and enlarged the living room and then I now have a seperate dining room.

 I am going to also have a really nice kitchen with an Italian Bistro seating area and it will also house a wine cooler, ice maker and wine rack. An Island cooking area and French Doors going out to the back of the house. I am like sooooo excited.

 I have sooo many plans and not enough time to discuss them in full detail because I have to be up at 3 in the morning. I am taking Deanna to the airport in the morning. Her family is in California and so she is going for a 3 week visit. I am excited for her, but geee I wish her plane left at 5 in the afternoon and not in the morning, lol.

So I still don’t have the internet. I am trying tho. I am just having issues being able to find who services my area with out having to pay a fortune and have a home phone. That is just an extra bill and I see no reason to have to pay for a phone that I don’t need. I have just been working so much on the house that I haven’t been able to get down to use the internet. Crazy huh, in this day and time that you can’t just get what you want. That is the difference in where I live and have lived.

 I am totally loving this grandmother business. I tell ya. Alex is growing so much and he has the sweetest little personality. He knows me and just smiles when he sees me. Laurie sent me pictures of the kids today. Adrian is blowing me a kiss and little Cathy is looking up into the camera smiling. I am so happy to have these babies in my heart, I just wish that they were in my arms.

 So I have picked out the paint colors for the kitchen and for my bedroom. That is as far as I have gotten. I am not sure on the themes yet. It is so hard to choose when there are so many gorgeous ideas out there. I am sure that I will come up with something but this house is different than all of the rest of the ones I have lived in because I am buying this house and I want it to be done different, or if not different, then something unique and interesting. It is the biggest challenge of all of them except for may be one.

 Well it is getting really late and I have to get up, but I am going to be slowing down and taking at least one day a week for myself, maybe two and I am going to be online more. I hope all is well with all of my friends and loved ones….


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