Airport Gazing

I am at the airport sending Deanna off to California with my dear sweet grandson and I am not liking the fact that I cannot get kisses and smiles and coos and that wonderful look in his eyes at the sight of his Na-Na telling him that he is the sweetest little baby boy I know.

Adrian is my Big Boy and Cathy is the most adorable Princess in the whole wide world so I have NOT shown favortism in the least. I have it planned out that they are each one the greatest thing on the planet and that is the truth. Ok so maybe I am just a touch biased when it comes to MY grandkids.

 Deanna was crying when I hugged her goodbye. I told her to suck it up and be grateful for a real vacation. I would love to go on vacation, to relax a bit and eat other peoples cooking and not worry about sweeping and mopping and scrubbing bathrooms and cleaning out garages and just bask in gossip and wine, with a little more wine to go along with a little more gossip, indulge in sweets and go shopping with my sister and see my friends. Sounds good to me. So Crying is not an option for her. Now for me….. Well I know that I will get misty eyed when I know that plane is in the air.

I have to go to Home Depot today and pick up stuff for my kids house. They are re-modeling and I have a huge list in my pocket with paint samples and materials that we need. Deanna went with a cream for the body and Mint Julep (Soft green) for an accent wall and kept the chocolate brown that I had painted her kitchen with. Tis gonna look pretty when we are done. I have to admit that this is mostly my doing. She isn’t really into the decorating theme but I told her as I tossed a thousand brochures her way, to dig thru and come up with 2 colors. She did so I guess that her job is done for now, but she really balked when I talked bathroom. “Mom all I want is a house that looks pretty and in the bathroom, all I care about is hot water, a working toilet and some light when I go in there.”  So much for all of the fancy crap that I have been thinking about.

 I have Matt with me and we are sitting here drinking a carmel frapicino and yeah I probably spelled it wrong, but I am not yet fully awake. Went to sleep around midnight and was up at 3 this morning. I am wishing that I could go back to bed and sleep til noon, but that is not an option.

Well it is time for me to go and hit the road and try and get home before too late tonight. It is a long drive and I have a hard time seeing at night. I am going to try to post a picture of Deanna and Alex on here this morning since this post is basically about them. If I can remember how to do it.


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