Waking up

So I cannot find any coffee filters so it must mean that there are none and there will not be any coffee this morning. How did I wake up before there was coffee? It is a mystery question because I cannot remember when I didn’t drink the stuff. So I suppose that I will just have to wake up the old fashioned way.

 Bandit is driving me nuts. He wants to go out to potty, but when I take him out, he just stands there, sniffs the air and does nothing. It is 5:43 am here and he has been out 3 times and still nothing. I am still asleep so we are not going out again just because he is standing at the door and whine. He is such a faker. I know the difference of I need to go this second and please be at my beck and call and take me out because I want you off of the computer and me out there so I can sniff racoon or kitty cats or what ever the hell that he finds so interesting.

 My kids, Jonathan, Karyn and Joe are coming New Years so we are going to have Christmas then. It bought me a little more time in the scrapbook project so as much as I want to see them right this minute, it will be better on New Years I hope.

Hmm I just thought of something. Chocolate has caffine. I think that I have some sugar free hot chocolate in the pantry. Maybe I should try that. A little caffine is better than none.Yep Yep.


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