My Dog Bandit

I really love my dog Bandit. I have had him since he was just a tiny bundle of fur. When I first seen him he was sitting pretty and all I could see were these big chocolate eyes and a white tail that was bigger than he was. The boys, Matt and Nathan got him for me for my birthday and it was love at first sight.

Bandit and baby Alex


 He is so protective of the kids. When Laurie was down, he had to follow the kids around to make sure that they were ok. It was funny tho. When Cathy started crawling, he was running away from her!

 He is sooo spoiled it is terrible. He gets his treats, 3 doggie bones in the morning and 3 at night. You cannot forget to give them to him either because he will not let you forget. I spread them out on the bed and ask him which one he wants. Most of the time it is a green one, although lately he has been choosing a red one.

 The one thing I wish that I could change about him is the fact that he is a runner. He got out last week and Deanna and I thought that he was a gonner. He crossed a busy street and she tried to catch him to no avail. It was terrible. He made it back in one peice which was a miracle, and we were able to catch him. But I am so fearful of the fact that he will get out again and I know if anything happens to him I will fall to peices.

 Gotta go for now. I just wanted to share this.


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