Ahh Farmville

I have a new Hobby. I am playing Farmville and Fishville and I am addicted. YIKES!! But it is a lot of fun so far and it is keeping my mind off of Laurie. She lost her baby at 3 this morning and I am probably going to North Carolina and help her with the kids.

 Still trying to get my self settled before Christmas and I don’t see it happening for a Zillion reasons.

 Good News is my sugar is doing better today than it has in weeks and I have gone 3 days and not have a seizure or black out, I have not even beat anyone up lately. Not since they strapped me down and hauled my ass to the hospital the last time I got froggy.

 I gotta go. I just wanted to stop in and say I have a new Addiction and I am having lots of fun.


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