New Blogging Home

So today I had to get a new blog. For some reason my password refused to let me in and since I changed my email address my new password went to my old email and I have long ago forgotten the email address and that password, so now I have a new home and hopefully all will work out here.

 I have been doing semi ok I guess. I have been trying to keep my sugar in control and that has been a very hard thing. It is the pits to have diabetes. I pray that none of my readers, if I ever have any will never get this horrid disease. Your world totally revolves around food. Either you are starving or your stuffed. Never an in between for me it seems.

 So I am scrapbooking with a vengance lately. I want to get Karyn’s scrap book done before Christmas which is not going to happen because I am in the process of moving, but she is coming for Christmas after Christmas if that makes sense.

 Of course I have to do a scrap book for each of the babies. I have been doing some online scrap books for the kids on Microsoft Power Point, but have taken a break for a little while and do some other things for a while, like…. Play with the baby, talk with Adrian and Cathy on the phone, and read.

 I am reading nothing really interesting right now. I have finished up my latest Nora Roberts book so I am just reading random things at the moment.

 Christmas is just a few weeks away, did I say a few weeks? Yikes I mean just a few days away. I can’t believe it. Normally I have it all done by now. The tree up and lights and gifts stacked from floor to ceiling and this year, nothing. But it will all work out. I will feed everyone lots and lots of cake….


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