How about Pink?

 Ahh It is 3:30 in the morning and I am up. Arghhh I cannot sleep and it is ticking me off. Why is it that I cannot sleep like normal people? And when I do sleep I am dreaming of PINK and that is just so not me.

 It isn’t that I don’t like the color pink, I do in small doses. A little pink accent here or there, and not a peptobismol pink either. I don’t know what it is about pink that bothers me. I like things that are pink, like a pink rose, or a baby girl wrapped up in a pink blanket.

 I think that maybe my dislike goes back to my childhood. I have never been a prissy girl and I had a sister that was PINK. She had pink hair ribbons, pink jackets, shoes with pink laces, a pink back pack, pink everything and she was a girly girl. I have to admit that her pink stuff was cute and maybe that is why I don’t like it, becaause she got pink and cute and I got ugly and boring.

 I was determined that when my girls were born I was not going to force the color of pink on them and thankfully they did not ask for it in large qualities. They were more of the purple kind of gals and that suited me just fine. I did buy Karyn a beautiful soft floral Easter dress one year and I should have known that there would be hell to pay when she got too quiet. I checked on her and she was sitting in her bedroom floor with the dress and a pair of sissors cutting it up. But she had forewarned me at three years old, that day in Wal-Mart that she was not wearing it because it was pink. And she didn’t.

 Now their grandmother bought both girls everything in pink. It used to drive me nuts. As they got older, they did gravitate to pink a little. A pink top, or mixed pattern with pink in it. Laurie was way more fussy and girly when she turned about 3 or 4 and she sometimes chose something in pink, but mostly she liked blue. I have pictures of them both in some shades of pink and Karyn said one time, Mom what were you thinking, what were we thinking when we bought that?

 Laurie has Cathy in lots of pink. Pink sleepers, pink blankets, shoes, booties, pink sippy cups, pink head bands, Pink everything, and I have to admit that pink is Cathy’s color, but when I buy her things I usually bypass pink and go for yellows and greens and blues.

 So here is what is really bothering me. I am dreaming of pink for my bedroom. This isn’t just a little pink, it is a lot of it. Pink curtains, pink walls, pink comfortor, pink everything and I just don’t know why I am dreaming of  it. This is the third dream in as many weeks. Deanna says that maybe I really want pink and just won’t admit it.

 What ever the reason, one think that I know is that I am not doing any part of my bedroom pink…..


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